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Administration, Automation, Business Coaching, CRM Development, Digital Marketing, Human Resources and Recruitment, Process Document Creation, Project Management, Research, SEO, Video Editing, Web Development

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I am a problem solver to my core. My biggest talent is the ability to develop solutions, no matter the size, scope, or industry. My background includes a BSME, MSBM, MSPM, 16 years of Project Engineering in the aerospace industry, 25+ years as a professional dressage trainer, 7 years as a professional scuba instructor, 9 years in marketing for various companies, TEDx event Project Manager, and 8+ years as a small business consultant.

One of my favorite (and on-going) success stories is a solopreneur who came to me ready to quit her successful coaching practice of over 8 years. After running a successful coaching business for several years and successfully pivoting to an online coaching business a few months into the pandemic, she was so successful that she was overwhelmed and starting to lose business. We worked together to analyze her business from top to bottom. We developed and implemented a plan to consolidate her branding, digital marketing, processes, bring in some part-time employees, bring some of her best students to assist in running the courses and retreats, and she has increased her quantity of courses sold by 200% in 1.5 years.

Another of my favorite (also on-going) clients is a non-profit vet hospital that was relatively crushed by the pandemic. I worked closely with the board and the staff to develop a training process to improve customer service, implemented an employee review process, eliminated the non-performing team members, and recruited and hired top notch talent, assisted in teaching management and leadership skills to the staff, implemented a consistent marketing plan (still in process), assisted in implementing processes and procedures to increase efficiencies and effectiveness of many of their operations and campaigns. This team has gone from near collapse to an increased staff and in the black balance sheet in a little over 1.5 years.

I believe what makes WOWSuccessTeam stand out is our desire to customize our solutions based on each client’s specific needs. We don’t do cookie cutter solutions. We listen to you and develop solutions that work for your specific situation. And we absolutely LOVE helping small businesses succeed.